Taksim Square Protests: What We Know So Far About the Riots


Trending In Our News Feeds Violent protests rock Turkey. Violent protests across Turkey injured hundreds over the weekend as unrest over plans to turn Istanbul’s Taksim Square into a shopping mall quickly turned into demonstrations against the ruling Justice and Development Party. The Andalou News Agency reported protests in 67 of Turkey’s 81 provinces, as well as the cities of Istanbul and Ankara. 58 civilians are in the hospital, and 115 police have been injured. A Turkish journalist explained the protests: “We have a prime minister who has done great deeds and he really has run the economy well. But you also have this paternalistic style… So, I think people are just wanting to have a more inclusive form of democracy in Turkey.” (WARNING: the following links are graphic) The Washington Post has a video of the demonstrations, and PolicyMic’s Christian Rice rounds up 13 shocking photos from the protests.

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