Heath Campbell: Nazi Father Fighting to See His Son


Heath Campbell, the founder and leader of “Hitler’s Order,” is currently battling for the legal right to see his youngest son, Heinrich Hons Campbell (2-years-old). The father also has three other children: Adolf Hitler Campbell (7-years-old), JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell (6-years-old), and Honzlynn Jeannie Campbell (5-years-old). He and his wife no longer have custody over these three children (note: if you have not noticed already, Campbell gave his children Nazi-inspired names).

Although I am against Anti-Semitism, legally speaking, Campbell is not doing anything wrong by giving his children absurd names and starting a pro-Nazi organization. However, Campbell believes that his Nazi identity is the cause for losing custody over his three older children back in January 2009 and youngest child in November 2011 (right after he was born). Campbell and his wife (currently estranged) tried to appeal the court’s decision in 2012 but the New Jersey Supreme Court denied the appeal.

Campbell briefly discusses his situation in the news coverage below:

Why would Campbell and his wife be forbidden to see their children? Campbell obstinately claims that it is due to his Nazi affiliation. Court records tell a different story: “… the children were not removed from the home because of their [Nazi-related] names, but because of tangible evidence of abuse or neglect.” Even after court rulings and denials of appeals, Campbell and his wife still assert that they were discriminated against for their beliefs.

Heath Campbell stated the following in 2011: “Actually, the judge and DYFS told us that there was no evidence of abuse and that it was the names! They were taken over the children's names.” Officials have denied Campbell’s statement. According to Heath Campbell, his wife has recently given up her rights to their children.

Campbell has the right to personally express his views, no matter how discriminatory they are. I doubt the court removed his children from him based only on the fact that he identifies as a Nazi. As far as I know, children of the Westboro Baptist Church members have not been removed from their custody and their actions are arguably on par or even worse than Campbell’s.

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