'The Internship' Movie: Critics Refused Sneak Preview Of Google Film


On Friday, The Internship starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson opens in theaters. This high concept comedy’s debut is less than a week before This Is The End, another, more hotly anticipated high concept comedy, hits theaters. If that isn’t a bad enough sign, (literally doomsday) than perhaps The Internship’s executive decision makers 20th Century Fox and Regency Enterprises’ have rapped another toll on the proverbial bell by refraining from show the film to critics at advanced screenings.

Those who have ventured to critical aggragators like Rottentomatoes and Metacritic will find that The Internship critical merit cannot be measured yet.

Films in the past have barred the Richard Roepers of the world from getting an early look, but most of the time, those films cannot really be called "films" and are better dubbed "movies," or better yet, "foul stinkburgers on celluloid."

As it stands, the dearth of early critic screenings is not exactly a vote of confidence from the studios, or, the studios want only the critics who are fond of a light hearted silly romp in an office setting. Variety is often gentle with the goofball comedy reviews, perhaps they got the greenlight to pen a review for their pro-Hollywood stance in the industry. The cognitive dissonance that can occur in relation to any comedic object is often too wide to please all, so perhaps the Studio want to pick and choose who gets the first look.

Ultimately, all critics will get their long, spindly digits on a copy of the film, or will cross their legs in their seat and don their half moon glasses for a theatrical viewing. Then and only then will the film elite take up the negatives that the studio may have wanted to hide for The Intership’s first weekend. Are there giant plot holes? Long stretches of jokelessness? A scene where someone’s pants fall down? Snobs like me eagerly wait in anticipation of the carnage.