Mitch McConnell: Democrats Stay Silent As Operative Admits to Felony Against McConnell


A few months ago, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) learned a device was used to illegally record what went on inside his campaign. Democrats jumped at the opportunity to demonize the senator rather than speak out against the crime that was committed against him. Many Democrats even suggested McConnell’s campaign was using the bugging to make the candidate look like a victim. However, the perpetrator, heavily involved in the liberal group Progress Kentucky, is now gleefully admitting what he did, and Democrats have gone silent.

A National Journal article from April titled “Did Anyone Bug Mitch McConnell's Office?” quotes the DSCC executive director, Guy Cecil, saying that McConnell “was simply trying to play the victim.” Recording a private conversation without consent is illegal, and Senator McConnell was the victim of a felony, so in that sense he was absolutely a victim. One harmed by a crime has the right to be outraged. Unsurprisingly, Cecil has yet to apologize for his statements.

In the article, it is also stated that “thus far, the campaign hasn’t provided evidence to support its claim that Democrats were behind the latest surreptitious act.” It turns out that Republicans were absolutely right — it was not an inside job, as we later learned. However, Democrats and those who attacked McConnell have yet to apologize.

The man behind the recording is Curtis Morrison, a former Progress Kentucky spokesman. Progress Kentucky is the organization that released abhorrent racist attacks against Senator McConnell’s wife. Charges against Morrison will be presented to a grand jury. In an article titled “Why I Secretly Recorded Mitch McConnell,” Curtis explains, “McConnell was quick to frame himself as the victim of a crime, which was to be expected. It was the guilty repositioning of a politician who has been caught being craven.”

McConnell did not “frame” himself as a victim of a crime. McConnell IS the victim of a crime at the hands of Morrison himself. Morrison fully admits to the felony. It is bizarre and disingenuous to attack McConnell for taking issue with a felony that was committed against him.

Worse yet, the Kentucky and D.C. Democrats who berated McConnell are silent. In late April, the Kentucky Democratic Party Chairman released an article titled “Mitch McConnell Is Not A Victim.” One cannot imagine how he could think McConnell, the victim of a felony, is not a victim. Other than this, Democrats have been largely silent.

When anybody commits a felony, or any crime, against another, it should be taken seriously and condemned. When a felony is committed, politics need to be put aside. Rather than condemn the actions and condemn Progress Kentucky, Democrats shifted to attacking Senator McConnell. Even after learning the whole story, Kentucky and D.C. Democrats are silent and have not spoken out against Morrison’s continuously appalling statements. However, they seem to be on the same page with Morrison, so this is not at all surprising.