Ron Paul Would Have Prevented the IRS Scandal, Pure and Simple


By now, everyone knows that the IRS has targeted non-profit organizations for having words in their names that link to conservative messages. Not only is this behavior irresponsible and disgusting, but it shows that everything is Washington is political, even the way you are taxed. Regardless of political party, or the name of your organization, the IRS should not be targeting groups solely based on the message they try to convey. One man had been preaching about the unconstitutionality and behavior of the IRS and now, people are listening. 

Former Texas congressman and Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul has been known for his criticism of the federal government and the massive mandates it places on the individual. When it comes to the IRS, Ron Paul is still a strong leading voice for advocates of his position to undermine and abolish the federal income tax, as well as the IRS in entirety. When he ran in 2012 as a primary candidate for the Republican Party, Ron Paul had a strong youth base ... one which will be the future of the Republican Party. Yet, the 2012 electorate did not think Ron Paul was right. Looking back at it now, people may have a different opinion.

The federal income tax is one of the heaviest taxes that individuals with income receives. In 2013, this can range from 10%, which is the lowest one must pay, to 39.6% at the maximum rate. Keep in mind that the income tax is only one of the taxes that are being taken out of your paycheck. You may live in a state where you have a high state income tax and property tax, not to mention the Social Security that is taken out as well. At the end of the day, it is possible that literally half of your paycheck has gone to the the government. Washington, as well as state governments, want to keep on taxing individuals, but it seems that elected officials do not understand that tax payers already have a heavy burden.

During the 2012 Presidential Primary, the spotlight went all around, from Governor Rick Perry to Michelle Bachmann. Everyone was leading in the polls at one time, even Congressman Ron Paul. Even though Ron Paul was popular, media coverage of his campaign was highly lacking, which ended up being the downfall of his run.

All the other 2012 candidates were not serious about cutting taxes. Many of them wanted to reform entitlements and cut benefits, while increasing military spending. Ron Paul wanted to change the system entirely: He wanted to reform the whole thing. Every time Ron Paul talked about taxes, his supporters and the base went wild.

At the end of the primary, Ron Paul did not have enough delegates at the convention to acquire the nomination, but his supporters were still sold in an attempt to get him elected. Ron Paul's supporters had two options; write in Ron Paul or vote Gary Johnson. When geberak election night was over, President Obama won his second term for president of the United States, easily defeating Governor Romney, as many predicted. 

Ron Paul, known as the taxpayer's best friend, may have been the only true conservative running for president in 2012. Hopefully the GOP will learn that they need to adopt the teachings of liberty and reform the tax code by abolishing the IRS and the federal income tax. The future of the GOP lies in the youth of today, and the youth loves liberty and Ron Paul.