7 Amazing Tumblrs Every News Junkie Should Follow


Bored of your current online routine? Check out these blogs to revamp the way you find news.

1. Officials Say the Darndest Things

Ever wish you could see a collection of the absurd, witty, and oftentimes unequivocally offensive comments made by our nation’s best and brightest leaders? ProPublica, an independent, non-profit newsroom based in New York City, has created this Tumblr to satisfy that very desire. On Officials Say the Darndest Things, you will find tweets that should have never been tweeted, snide remarks that should have been uttered under one’s breath, and other slipups that could make media reps from here to Timbuktu roll over in their grave. Want an example? One speech bubble displays a comment that the Virginia Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor, E. W. Jackson, made in 2012, “Planned Parenthood has been far more lethal to black lives than the KKK ever was.” Right. 

2. ShortFormBlog

Committed to giving readers straightforward but concise updates on current and breaking news, ShortFormBlog covers a variety of stories, ranging in significance from Susan Rice’s recent appointment as national security adviser to the formation of the frozen banana stand in Arrested Development. The beauty of ShortFormBlog’s posts is that while you will find more information than you would in the 140 characters of a CNN tweet, the posts are more substantive while also sparing you extraneous details. Sometimes even a slight opinion will sneak its way into ShortFormBlog’s pithy posts, but almost always with the aim of giving its readers context and perspective on the news item at hand. 

3. The I Files

This is the Tumblr blog for an investigative journalism news channel on YouTube programmed by the Center for Investigative Reporting. On this Tumblr, you will find the best selection of still images from around the world, as well as links to the original videos, buttressed by short news reports that give context and meaning to the pictures. Follow this Tumblr if you prefer to consume your news via videos. 

4. NowThis News

This video network is brand spanking new and is perfect for those of us who like to receive news updates on our phones. While the live news site definitely updates more frequently, the Tumblr sprinkles coverage of serious news events, such as when the gay marriage bill passed in Minnesota, with a good amount of pop culture commentary, such as the developing “bromance” between President Obama and the U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron. Plenty of images, too, from photos from the Met Gala to stills from the tornado in Moore, Oklahoma, will keep your eyes entertained. 

5. Soup

Created by former Reuters Social Media Editor, Anthony De Rosa, Soup has been lauded many times over, TIME cited Soup as a must-see tumblr and it also earned De Rosa the title of “the undisputed King of Tumblr,” according to the New York Times. Go to Soup for all things viral, De Rosa posts a wide variety of content, from art to parodies to the occasional personal photograph, but most often, Soup delivers timely and relevant coverage of significant world news and events. Importantly, Soup diversifies its aesthetic, too, by embedding videos, GIFs, charts, charts and infographics. 

6. Brooklyn Mutt

Here, Peter Wade, formerly of The Daily, showcases what can only be his nonstop trolling of the internet to collect the most interesting pieces of news out there. Wade doesn’t hesitate to share silly memes from Funny Or Die, but he also includes a substantial amount of “serious” news stories to satiate your interest in politics and the like.

7. Onion-Like Headlines in Read Life

The ideal blog for when you have hit your threshold of hearing about depressing world events. Upon first glance, you might think these news headlines are a joke (“Woman Causes Emergency Landing By Singing Whitney Houston on Endless Loop During Flight,” for instance), but click on the link and you will quickly be taken to the original news article from reputable sources such as Businessweek and the Telegraph. Check out this Tumblr after you’ve had a long day and need a good laugh.