Chris Christie 2013: In a State Where Even the GOP Is Blue, There's a Small Ray Of Hope


Hudson County, New Jersey, can be seen as one of the most corrupt places in the nation. From the infamous 2009 corruption bust, which resulted in the arrest of 44 mayors, rabbis, and politicians, to a local elected official claiming that Hispanic girls lured him into a house for blackmail, the stories coming out of this corner of North Jersey are often too lurid to believe. People all around the country understand this is a big problem that needs to be immediately addressed. One organization has made it its mission to elect responsible representatives. This organization is the Hudson County Republican Club.

New Jersey conservatives should support the Hudson County Republican Club, as their mission is to "promote, support, and endorse suitable conservative candidates at the local, county, state, and national level," as well as "act as an independent voice for Hudson County conservatives free of machine politics, patronage, or other outside influences." This is something that the Hudson County Republican Party lacks, but the Republican Club is there to provide.

It is vital to understand that the Hudson County Republican Club is different from the Hudson County Republican Party. Much like the Hudson County Democrats, who control the county politically, the Hudson County Republican Party is just as corrupt. The chairman of the Hudson County Republican Party, Jose Arango, rarely if at all, holds meetings to discuss how they are going to further advance the Republican message. It is almost as if Hudson County does not have a Republican Party presence.  

And as if its corruption weren't enough to turn off voters, the Hudson County Republican Party does not have a website to provide information to those who want to get in contact with them.

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The Hudson County Republican Club has the right idea — a working website where people can donate, sign up for event updates, and become volunteers for real conservatives to get elected. To no one's surprise, Chairman Arango does not seem to like the organization and who they choose to endorse. 

Seth Grossman, an Atlantic City attorney who was endorsed by and ran under the Hudson County Republican Club, was able to get on the ballot to challenge current Governor Chris Christie. Seth Grossman understands that New Jersey is a political disaster and that it is time for real change in the state.

Grossman said, “The Jersey style of government is like the Godfather style. You put someone you know in office and they take care of you. It’s time to get rid of that.” Residents around the state can really connect with this sort of thinking, as we have seen it in the past, yet Chairman Arango does not think this is true, as he does not support Grossman, but rather says, "I don’t know what he thinks he’s going to accomplish besides confusion.” 

Even with criticism from the Republican Party, the Republican Club continues to fight back to promote real conservatism. Although Governor Chris Christie won the nomination for the Republican Party against Democratic challenger Barbra Buono this November, Grossman was able to garner 13.16% of the Republican vote on primary night.

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In Legislative District 31, which covers Bayonne and Jersey City, the Hudson County Republican Club was able to have two candidates on the ballot for State Assembly. Tony Zanowic and Micheal Alonzo both ran in an attempt to defeat Gerard Pizzillo and Juanita Lopez. Zanowic and Alonzo did not win the nomination, but were able to get 12.61% and 11.24% of the vote in Tuesday's primary. 

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The Hudson County Republican Club even had candidates running for State Committee. Patricia Dixon and Eric Dixon were both endorsed and running under the Republican Club and were able to get 18.88% and 18.46% of the Republican vote. 

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Each candidate who ran under the Hudson County Republican Club was able to get double-digit percentages on election night, which shows that a decent amount of residents are tired of the Republican Party of Jose Arango. Slowly, people are starting to take action in Hudson County. The Hudson County Republican Club is doing a phenomenal job by participating in elections and informing voters that there is still a choice. Residents all around New Jersey should support the Hudson County Republican Club because they are not corrupted by New Jersey politics, but rather want to elect responsible representatives to public office.