Euro Crisis: EU Tyranny Will Collapse, and Soon


The economic depression that has engulfed Europe has resulted in a snowball affect that has in turn further weakened the European Union beyond most people's imagination. Those who predicted the coming fall of the EU are the "Euroskeptics" who said that the financial system propped up by the European Central bank is a farce, that uncontrolled immigration would dramatically result in a clash of civilizations, and that excessive regulation brought forth by unelected bureaucrats would result in a seismic shift in the political arena that would usher in a revolution at the ballot box, if not the streets.

At the present, unemployment among youths has passed 60% in both Greece and Spain, which has contributed to violence in the streets. Whether it be trade unionists, fascists such as the Golden Dawn, or ordinary citizens, it is evident that the calm experienced before the economic crisis is unlikely to subside anytime in the near future due to incompetent policies implemented by the EU super-state, which has little to no care whatsoever for the people that are suffering, for their goal is to preserve the EU regardless of the cost.

Uncontrolled immigration has brought forth a crime wave throughout Europe, which is coupled with religious tensions and murders in the streets. This is a direct result of multicultural policies that are pushed for by the EU with their open border policies. Nonetheless, the peoples of Europe are slowly awakening to the fact that this immigration catastrophe is wrecking their societies, and doing nothing to improve their economies. Recent polling in country after country has shown that if referendums on EU membership were held today, it would be a foregone conclusion that member states would vote to leave the monolithic organization known as the EU, for they wish to control their own economies and not to have their laws dictated to them by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels. 

If the EU plutocrats were intelligent enough to realize that they need a different strategy of holding the union together, then they would allow Southern and Eastern European countries such as Greece to leave the euro zone, for it is more than obvious that massively impoverished nations simply cannot cope with the burdens placed on them via the EU monetary system. What we have seen is that the EU will not permit European countries to leave the euro regardless of their economic plight, thus possibly ushering in violent revolutions.