Hey Millennials: We Want to Know About Your Experiences in the Workplace


Breaking news: Millennials have money on their minds, and we're putting in work. (Or trying to, at least.)

In May, NPR asked economists to give new college graduates advice about seeking work.  Justin Wolfers observed, "Approach your career ambitions the same way you approached your romantic ambitions at college. Sure, you're looking for 'The One,' but the only way to find that is by going on a lot of dates. And you should think about your first job as a good first date. Try it out. If you like it, stick around for another year. But if not, ask another employer out. And keep playing the field until you've found the job you want to stay with." But does every player have an equal shot at finding a satisfying career? 

From 'soft' discrimination to the rise of female breadwinners to creating green jobs to the growing freelance economy, there's no shortage of social justice issues to discuss when it comes to employment. If you're a millennial on the job market, I want your voice in the conversation!   

PolicyMic is looking for a variety of short, 500 word op-eds for the site on these and other topics related to issues of employment. A number of prominent politicians, celebrities, and activists on this issue will be contributing to the site during the week to discuss engage in direct dialogue with millennial men and women on these topics. If you have ideas for what we should cover, or who we should invite to join the discussion, email or Tweet at me: @sameier12

If you're interested in contributing, please email me (sam@policymic.com) by Wednesday, 6/12 at 5 P.M. EST.