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This week's stories ranged from Wednesday's GOP debate coverage and a new drug to combat obesity to debating whether the U.S. and Israel should go to war with Iran. Time to get caught up on the stories people were reading, sharing, Tweeting, Facebooking, and commenting on this week.

1. Ron Paul Wins CNN Arizona Republican Debate

Cameron English writes that Texas Congressman Ron Paul stood out in Wednesday's GOP debate from his GOP competitors for the same reason he has been able to stay in the race thus far: his consistent and convincing defense of free markets and small government.


2. Iran Wants to Start War, Israel Wants to Maintain Peace

Luke Decker writes that it is Iran, not Israel, that is escalating tensions in the Middle East. In 2005, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called for Israel to be “wiped off the face of the map.” On the flip side, Israel has openly condemned Iran and some of its actions, but peacefully, without the use of provocative “fighting words.”



3. Free Fadi Quran: Palestinian Nonviolent Youth Activist Fadi Quran Arrested and Assaulted by Israeli Army

Jake Horowitz leads a campaign to free Palestinian nonviolent youth activist, PolicyMic pundit, and his close friend Fadi Quran, who was violently assaulted and arrested in Palestine on Friday. Fadi, a Stanford '10 graduate from the West Bank, was arrested in Hebron for allegedly pushing an Israeli soldier according to activists in Palestine.


4. 4 Highlights From the Arizona Republican Debate

Sophie Fry's 4 takeaways from this week's GOP debate. "Again and again, the rhetoric of Santorum fell flat and did not resonate. Indeed, the crowd also took much more the straight-talking Paul than to the more convoluted Santorum. Gingrich gained support for traditional conservative views he expressed, such as those on religion and foreign policy, yet was not a loud enough voice during the two hours to really enter the running for debate success."


5. Don't Take Qnexa To Lose Weight and Solve Obesity, Change Your Diet

Cameron English rejects Qnexa, a new drug approved by the FDA for weight loss. "Pills that reduce obesity may be appealing to many people, including those who want or need to lose weight. But there's a simpler, safer solution to this problem: People need to change their diets."


6. Are Women in the Media Only Portrayed As Sex Icons? Statistics Show a Massive Gender Imbalance Across Industries

Sifat Azad discusses a new report which draws attention to the striking underrepresentation of women who determine the content of news, literature, and television and film entertainment, as well as the negative portrayal of women in entertainment television and film. As a consequence, the role of women has had major societal effects, including gender inequity, she says.


7. Member of Occupy Alabama Files Paperwork to Create Occupy Wall Street Super PAC

James Velasquez analyzes the case of John Paul Thorton, a data analyst of Decatur, Alabama, who has filed with the Federal Elections Commission for an Occupy Wall Street Super PAC. Occupy Wall Street has to confront an important truth of our democracy: no money, no future.


8. Are Millennials Screwed? No, Young Entrepreneurs and Start-ups Will Lead a Recovery

Millennials are called the “Lost Generation” because more individuals are now struggling to find work, get a college education, and create a life for themselves. But, Brian Tam says the future is not as bleak as many predict. "The advantage our generation has over previous generations is that we are the products of the Internet."

9. Kim Kardashian, Ann Romney, Justin Bieber, and the Top Celebrities and Politicians On Pinterest and Instagram

Fun story of the week: To Pinterest or to Instagram? If you’re like Alex Marin, you’re undecided between the Kodak Polaroid-inspired photo editing and sharing mobile application Instagram and the pinboard-style photo categorizing and sharing website (and mobile application) Pinterest. Look no further than Kim Kardashian, Ann Romney, and other top celebities and politicians who have recently joined the two hottest online photo-sharing services to help decide.

10. Rihanna 'Birthday Cake' Remix Featuring Chris Brown Challenges Our View of Victims of Domestic Violence [Audio]

Justine Gonzalez says the expectations set on Rihanna to ‘act live a victim’ are especially unnerving. Her behavior until now, and her albums "Rated R," “Loud,” and now her single “Birthday Cake” display the polar opposite reaction of how society expected her to respond. But this herein lies the major problem: As a society we have no right to force survivors of domestic violence, male or female, to behave in a particular way.

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