9 Crazy Food Items McDonald's Serves in Other Countries


Ironically, one of the most consistent sights for an American abroad is McDonald's, that most American of places. McDonald's is, after all, the world's most popular "restaurant."

As dubious as the quality of any given McDonald's may be, a lot of cultures must be crossed to have over 1 billion served. This list is an indication of that diversity. Try not to get too hungry.

1. Bacon Potato Pie: Japan

For what appears to be a bargain at 120 Yen ($1.23 USD), you can dine on a apple pie style crust tube, stuffed with creamy asian bacon and potatoes. If you question the idea of going to Japan to eat a hot pocket, I reccomend you consider the benefit of a industrial-grade heating devices: I've never had a microwaved hot pocket that didn't singe my tastebuds on the outside and give my tongue frostbite in the middle.

2. Ebi Fileto-o Or Shrimp Big Mac: Hong Kong

My dad once told me "When in doubt, turn your meal into a sandwich." My old man may have gleaned this wisdom from the McDonald's franchises in Hong Kong, which have added shrimp to the list of things that can be made into circles and tucked between slices of bread. Notice how the pattie is artfully broken in the stock photo. How else would know that full pieces of shrimp are the meat inside that cocoon of breadcrumbs?

3. Chicken McCurry Pan: U.K.

In the U.K. the British have walked the line of bastardizing and lovingly adopting curry. They re-invented the dish after the passage from India, then they made it the de facto national dish. Then they stuffed the saucy dish into savory pies. And then, McDonald's made that a dish. I would take a whack at it.

4. Spinach and Parmesan Nuggets: Italy

Hell yes, Italy. 

5. CroqueMcDo: France

In the supposedly food snobbish nation of France, they are very fond of their "McDo" restaurants, as they call it, which have doubled in locations in the past 3 years. At any one of these franchises, you might find a miniature, more practical version of the croque monsieur, which is a ham sandwich that is covered in cheese on the outside of the bun.

6. The McLobster Roll: Canada

In Canada, this take on the classic North American east coast snack runs seasonally, so you know it's good.

7. Beer: Canada

After you've eaten your Canadian lobster roll, you might want to wash it down with a cold one right in that same Micky D's. Way to show American McDonald's up, Canada.

8. Whatever This Decadent Monstrosity is Called: China

If this double quarter pounder with two sausages is any indication, mainland China, too, is keen on out-Americaning America in an America-off. I could, conceivably, make this sandwich at home, or I could just flip off my own arteries.

9. Pizza: Canada

Now this is messed up. I can't tell you why, but something about McDonald's making pizza abroad makes me want to update the Geneva Convention. I'm not laughing anymore.