The 30 Best Tweets About Obama's PRISM Internet Scandal


Unless you have been sleeping under a rather large rock for the past few days chances are the word "prism" has entered into your every day vernacular. PRISM is a joint government task force dedicated to mining the data of the world's largest tech firms in order to gather intelligence would-be terrorists and foreign spies. The scope of the project appears to be much larger and includes the activities of millions of Americans internet activity and usage history. This is the most perfunctory explanation of the massive program that has probably ever been given. More information is coming out every hour, all of it bad for the Obama administration and supposed defenders of civil liberties everywhere. News of the nine major tech industries including, Google, Apple, and Facebook's involvement sent the Twitter-verse into an all out frenzy. In response several Twitter accounts were created and snarkiness from Tech blogs was at maximum output. If we can't stop them from spying on us, at least we can let them know we are laughing at them. Here are some of the best Tweets: 

1. It would be a much better user experience.

2. Poor timing

3. Just some NSFW photos between my significant other and the government. #harmlessfun

4. If they could let me know when I have a good one, I'd really appreciate it.

5. No point in BCC'ing that either.

6. "We didn't know what we knew, until the moment we knew it."

7. These are my serious CAPS.

8. Are you telling me they know I have to look up the recipe for rice every single time I make it?

9. The first causality of this scandal.

10. I prefer to think of it as a broad, unwarranted expansion of hope.

11. Ugh, don't you hate it when people use your own quotes against you?

12. We should just have a big dinner party, talk this whole thing out.

13. Hate it when you are right.

14. Not all is lost.

15. I store mine in PasteBin.

16. Start small, that's what I always say.

17. Doubtful.

18. Great, now they know how many times I spell 'definitely' wrong.

19. The government calls those "Freedom Biscuits."

20. I should have taken the blue pill.

21. Don't you just hate it when expansive, overreaching laws don't work out the way you want them to?

22. Excellent, what the hell is my Hotmail e-mail password again?

23. Joke's on them, I never answer my phone.

24. Well, as long as Lindsey Graham says it's OK.

25. Missed connections.

26. My favorite Sting song.

27. Same.

28. That has to be a tax write off right?

29. 85% come from mother's asking their children to please call them back.

30. That's where we all eventually end up.