Governor's Ball 2013: Listen to the Best Songs From This Year's Performers


Trending In Our News Feeds The Washington Post uncovers massive online data mining program. This is starting to get ridiculous. Following yesterday’s revelation that the government collects data from millions of cell phone users, the Washington Post reported the FBI and National Security Agency have been mining data from the servers of leading internet companies since 2007. Under the program, codenamed “PRISM,” security officials collect data such as emails, documents, and video chats from nine companies including Microsoft, Google, and Facebook. The program is supposed to target foreign communications, but data from Americans has been collected as well. The kicker? The program is entirely legal. The Protect America Act and FISA grant the government broad data-collection powers and protect private companies that cooperate with data mining. PolicyMic’s Rick Galvez explains how FISA allows the government to spy on you.

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