Santa Monica College Shooting: At Least 3 Injured


At least three people have been wounded during a shooting at California’s Santa Monica College on Friday afternoon. The suspect was reportedly found in the library and taken into custody. The two-year college and all Santa Monica schools remain on lockdown.

There are reports of a possible second shooter.

The victims, whose conditions remain unknown, were shot inside a car on or around the campus. Witnesses report that the suspect was “fully armed” and shooting several weapons including a shotgun at people and vehicles, including cars and a bus.

California Highway Patrol received a 911 call at 11:55 a.m. PDT, while students on campus were taking finals. Students were told to find cover or leave campus if possible.

Obama is currently at a Democratic National Committee fundraiser three miles away that is expected to last until 2pm. The Secret Service has been notified. Secret Service spokesman Max Milien has told reporters that the President’s plans will not be affected.

Santa Monica College was first opened in 1929. It consists of one 38-acre campus that currently has over 30,000 enrolled students enrolled in a variety of occupational certificate programs. Only a third of these students are enrolled full time.