Taksim Square Protest: 11 Images From Turkey That Will Give You the Warm Fuzzies


For over a week, Turkish protesters have responded to every instance of police violence with acts of kindness and community. Here are a few examples.

1. Many hotels, mosques, and businesses opened their doors to provide shelter and medical treatment to protesters.

2. Protesters organized open yoga sessions in Gezi Park...

3. ...and a free library too.

4. People have been collecting and distributing free food to protesters.

5. Protesters have been cleaning every day.

6. Communities organized lists of doctors, lawyers, and businesses volunteering to help protesters in need.

The list also includes WiFi passwords for protesters to use, places to get gas masks, and more.

7. Football fans put aside passionate rivalries to protest together.

8. People stopped to help strangers suffering the effects of tear gas…

9. …and made sure the furry bystanders were okay, too.

10. This veterinarian even set up a tent to treat wounded animals for free, 24 hours a day.

11. This couple wouldn't let a little tear gas get in the way of their wedding.