5 Things the GOP Thinks Are Worse Than Al-Qaeda


It's been a banner week for the Republican Party comparing random things to infamous terrorist group Al-Qaeda, with two such comparisons in the last few days alone. Considering that Al-Qaeda has launched plans that have killed countless innocent people in numerous countries around the world since the 1980s, you would think that such a comparison would be made with a little bit of care. Unfortunately, either the GOP enjoys over-exaggerating to the highest degree or they really don't think Al-Qaeda is all that terrible. 

Let's take a look at what the GOP thinks is worse than Al-Qaeda:

1. U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder

Because alleged perjury is definitely worse than murdering thousands upon thousands of innocent people.

2. The IRS

Because tax audits are just the absolute worst. Nothing is worse then tax audits. Nothing.

3. The Seminole Native American Tribe

Because they both use nontraditional methods of war. Like, you know, suicide bombs and machetes.

4. Mexican Immigrants

Because not only are they all hopping over the border illegally, but they also are teaching Al-Qaeda operatives to "act Hispanic" and bringing the terrorists with them. Obviously, we would all be fooled by their Hispanic act because what's one brown person from the next, right?

5. The GOP Itself

Because sometimes you run out of things to compare to Al-Qaeda and just decide to compare it to your own party