Game Of Thrones Season 3 Finale: 8 Reasons This Season Was the Best Yet


**Spoiler Alert**

I'll start with the disclaimer that though I am an avid fan of the TV show, I have not read the books. I plan to get around to it eventually, but I'm having a good time taking the crazy plot twists and insane occurrences as they come. That being said, I strongly think that this season of Game of Thrones has been the best yet, and not just because of the one scene that blew up social media this week. Storylines are starting to come together, some major developments in the war for the throne have occurred, and after three years of insisting that winter is coming, it seems to actually be upon us.

Take a look back at the season with me and see why exactly this season has been the best one yet, and then add anything I missed in the comments. 

1. Dany Finally Comes Into Her Own

From her brother's pawn in season one to a whiny khaleesi in season two, Dany has never been nearly as powerful and put-together as she is now. The scene of her freeing the Unsullied combines both her righteous morality with her ability to command a vast army, and the result is nothing short of spectacular. In my opinion, the best scene of the series. 

2. The Relationship Between Brienne and Jamie

One of the unlikeliest pairings on the show, Brienne and Jamie quickly turned into one of the most heart-warming. Their banter is always teasing and sometimes a little harsh, but they bring out the best in each other. From Jamie attempting to sweet-talk Brienne out of a rape to her comforting him as he reveals the origins of his nickname, we finally saw more human sides to both characters. 

3. More White Walker Time

We had an idea of how dangerous they were in they very first episode of the series, and we got our first glimpse of them in season two. But winter doesn't really seem to be coming until the White Walkers are around, and this season was the first time we really saw them in action. 

4. Tyrion Is Sassy As Ever

Tyrion Lannister is always a treat, no matter what he's doing. And the scar he received at the Battle of Blackwater Bay changed none of that. Tyrion had some fantastic lines this season, in particular challenging his father and Cersei, who seem to always cause him the most grief. But my favorite has to be the silent chair-moving scene, which emulates Tyrion in so many ways with so few words. 

5. Margaery Tyrell

She was introduced in season two (in a semi-hilarious sex scene, no less), but season three is where she really shines. Margaery is the only one who has learned to play Joffrey to her needs perfectly, whether it's asking him to show her how to shoot a crossbow or spending time with orphans. She's also the only one who presents a real threat to Cersei and for that alone, she's solid in my book.

6. The Cinematography

Game of Thrones has always been shot beautifully, but the best shot of the entire series was definitely the moment when the wildlings finish their harrowing climb up the Wall and face a world they've never seen before. It's impossible to do it justice without seeing it for yourself.

7. The Romance Between Jon Snow and Ygritte

It's terribly short-lived (and over already), but on a show that provides so few moments of real happiness or romance, the scenes between Ygritte and Jon in the hot springs or once they've climbed the Wall are priceless. Also, after "Winter is Coming," the next best tagline for this show is definitely season three's "You know nothing, Jon Snow."

8. The Red Wedding

I know everyone is probably sick of hearing about this over and over again, but it has to be said. To see Arya so close to being reunited with her family, and then to see essentially the entire House of Stark wiped out was the most shocking scene to date. More shocking than season two's reveal of the White Walkers, and even more shocking (though I thought I would never say this) than season one's beheading of Ned Stark. Kudos, show, for managing to outshine yourself again and again. Here's looking forward to the season finale!