Apple Rumors: WWDC 2013 Will Be Short On New Hardware, Heavy On Software


Next week, Apple will hold its 24th annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), the company’s first event in more than seven months.

The WWDC is a week-long event, the highlight of which is Monday’s keynote address where Apple announces its new products and services. The WWDC is always an exciting time for Apple lovers and tech fanatics as it is where some of the most revolutionary Apple products have been released, like the new iPhones in 2007 and 2010. Apple users are highly anticipating new products and services, in part because Apple’s last big product launch was the iPad Mini in October.

The biggest release expected during the WWDC will be new version of iOS, the mobile device software, and OS X, the Mac computer software. Though these new softwares will only be available to developers at first to test and debug, they are precursors to what the public can expect to see in their Apple products. The new iOS 7 is expected to have a complete visual overhaul of the traditional iOS interface, specific details of which have been kept tightly under wraps. Other updates to the iOS will be the addition of AirDrop, a file-sharing service already in the Mac computers and the addition of more built-in Yahoo apps (which I personally find extremely annoying). For OS X 10.9, Apple plans on integrating Siri and Apple maps into the software and improving the multitasking function to improve battery and processing power.

Apple’s rumored service release will be the debut of “iRadio”, an internet radio service. The increasing popularity of internet radio services, like Pandora and Spotify, has instigated Apple to rush and develop one of its own. Meanwhile, competitors Amazon and Google have been developing their own music services further incentivizing Apple to bolster its own music services.

New hardware has always caused the biggest stir for Apple users. During the WWDC, Apple is expected to release updates to the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. Specifics on what exactly will be updated are still unclear but some possible changes will be the upgrade of the MacBook Air to Retina Display, slimming down of the MacBook Pro, and increasing the quality of the built-in FaceTime camera support 1080p.

Unfortunately, though Apple has used the WWDC as a Launchpad for new iPhones in the past, it is highly unlikely that a new iPhone or iPad model will be released Monday. The main reason for this determination is that iPhones are usually only released after the new iOS is released to the public, which will not happen until developers test and debug the software. Since the new iOS 7 is expected to be released to developers Monday, it will be a few months longer until it is released to the public and a new iPhone can be expected. As for the iPad, the release of the fourth generation iPad and iPad mini in October makes it too soon for another iPad update.

Nevertheless, the WWDC will be an exciting event full of surprises. And though there will probably not be any revolutionary products released, it will be a great precursor for awesome Apple products and services to come. If you are as excited as I am, you will probably be following one of many live blogs covering the development of Monday’s keynote.

What new Apple product or service are you excited for? What Apple product or service would you like to see? Mic this article and leave a comment below!