"Game Of Thrones" Season Finale: 7 Predictions For Tonight's Show


The Game of Thrones season finale is always a sad hour of TV for the avid Game of Thrones fan. Not because it's not good (almost every single episode of this show is tightly plotted and played out), but because it signals the end of another brief season and the beginning of a 10-month wait until the next one.

Still, there are so many great plotlines this season that I'm particularly excited for this week's season finale. Even though the penultimate episode usually holds the most drama, the past two finales have proven that the showrunners still provide plenty of action and they absolutely love ending on an amazing scene.

So in the interest of finding another reason to write about my favorite show, here is a list of my predictions on tonight's season finale. This isn't a list of spoilers (I haven't read the books) but just a list of educated guesses based on my hopes and wishes and the trailer for tonight's episode:

For those of you who haven't read the books, feel free to guess along with me in the comments. And for those of you who have, continue to laugh at our ridiculous guesses from your tower of knowledge. We'll be caught up with you guys tonight.

1. Everyone Reacts to the Death Of House Stark

This one is a no-brainer. As one of the biggest events of last episode (and maybe all three seasons), it's obvious that the Red Wedding will have major consequences for the characters in the season finale. The Lannisters/"Baratheons" will be happy that their plan went through, but the trailer proves that at least Tyrion understands that it may well create a backlash. And as per usual, House Targaryen probably won't even know it happened.

2. Arya Vows to Avenge Her Family

This poor girl was so close to being reunited, and she is already brimming with rage 97% of the time. Once she gets over the shock of knowing that most of her family is dead, there's almost no doubt that she will try her best to get revenge. She's definitely a formidable fighter, but she also has one death wish left from Jaqen H'ghar, which she could use to attack the Lannisters.

3. Ygritte Gets Her Revenge

Ygritte ends most of her conversations with Jon Snow with (mostly endearing) threats. But the way she looked at him after he left her behind last episode showed that she's not going to take his betrayal lightly. Though it's unlikely the show will kill off Snow just yet, the other Stark kids are close by and they're pretty expendable.

4. Daenerys Gets Her Ships

She has two armies, one made up of the most fearless warriors in the world. She also has multiple loyal advisers, a new boyfriend, and three dragons. This girl has overcome literally everything else, and all that's left is for her to actually join the battle for the throne over in Westeros. Hopefully, she finds some ships so that she can interact with the others next season.

5. Joffrey is Taken Down a Notch (Or Eight)

This one is mostly wishful thinking. But the Houses of Lannister and Boratheon have been taking advantage of their people for far too long, and revenge for the Starks' deaths is surely inevitable. Here's hoping that Joffrey is the first to go. As for the matter of who takes him out, I'd love for it to be Arya but she's far away right now. It might also be Cersei, who's been aware that she's lost control of her son for some time now. The episode's title, "Mhysa," means "mother," so that might be a clue.

6. Sansa and Tyrion Team Up

After a not-so-welcome wedding, Sansa seems to be warming up to Tyrion. I sincerely hope that they work together in some way to get out of whatever bad fortune will inevitably fall on the Lannisters and Baratheons. Both Tyrion and Sansa don't deserve the ill treatment they receive, and seeing them team up to get out of harm's way would be incredibly rewarding.

7. Melisandre Does Some Real Magic

I'll be honest, I think Melisandre is a bore. She's annoyingly controlling one of the major houses right now, but aside from stealing Gendry's blood and speaking in vague metaphors about light and dark, she hasn't done all that much this season. But I'm guessing that it was all a build-up for something really big this episode. If not, then Melisandre really needs to step up her game.