Apple WWDC 2013: Apple is Working to Stay On Top and Doing it Well


This has been an eventful past year for Apple, from the launch of a scheme to monopolize the ebook market and its attempts to evade taxes to the financial trouble it had on Wall Street. As Apple prepares to present its perpetually developing product at the annual Worldwide Developer's Conference (WWDC), consumers will be waiting eagerly to see the future of the Apple brand. More specifically though, all eyes will be on Apple to witness how the company will revamp its products to make them competitive on the market. 

The public anticipates seeing a few changes to the current product, ranging from a couple of tweaks in the design(not particularly thrilling) to newly released hardware and increased sharing capabilities, especially with Flickr and Vimeo integration. Among other changes it will be featuring, one of the biggest announcements the company has made is that it will be releasing an app called iRadio, a music and radio service that is said to be a future competitor of similar apps such as Pandora and Spotify. 

Although the changes listed in this article only account for those that Apple has announced, it already appears as though the hardware update will provide the company with a greater leg up on the competition as future Apple computers will be thinner, faster, and have better battery lives.

As for the fate of the iPhone and iPad, which we will not learn about through the conference, we will have to wait patiently. The days in which Apple aggressively dominated the smartphone world seem to be coming to a halt as Samsung slowly catches up with its tech savvy Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note II, and Galaxy S III phone models. In fact, as Apple transitions from its old to recently developed iPhones, Samsung is currently leading in sales. Though this spike in sales may not be permanent, Apple is in no doubt going against some fierce competition and it is unlikely that it will lead as far ahead from its competitors as it once did.

Suffering as it does from all the scandals it brings upon itself, Apple will no doubt endure as what one could arguably call the technology king. Nonetheless, given the quality and success of the products some of its challengers are putting out, it must continue to make vigorous strides towards innovation and originality in order to impress consumers and keep its position on the market.