"The Interview" Movie: Seth Rogen and James Franco Are Trying to Assassinate Kim Jong-Un in Their Next Movie


Seth Rogen and James Franco's next movie has a dark comedic ambition that exceeds that of their meta, doomsday film that comes out Wednesday, This Is The End. The two actors-turned-directors will portray journalists who go to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea with the intention of assassinating their interview subject, the autocratic leader Kim Jong-un.

The film is called The Interview. The plot centers around two fictional journalists who go to the hermit State of North Korea to talk to Kim, but are tapped by the C.I.A. to terminate the 29-year-old autocrat.

This seemingly outlandish premise for a comedy is actually a fairly cogent trajectory for the two. In This is the End, Rogen and his frequent collaborator Even Goldberg co-direct Franco and a bevy of other famous comedic actors and celebrities, all of whom played fictionalized versions of the themselves facing their doom during the apocalypse. As is commonplace for a film receiving that level of hype, talks for the next film commence before the film is even released, whether it be a sequel or just a similar idea from the same minds.

Image Credit: NK News

Franco, who seems to be in constant need of branching out, also just premiered his directorial debut at Cannes, an adaptation of Faulkner's classic As I Lay Dying. This experience helming a project, synergized with his experiences with Rogen in a number of comedies, suggests an intent to breach the trendy ground of dark comedy.

Hopefully these two knuckleheads will walk the line between social commentary and tasteless insensitivity.