World Naked Bike Ride Video: These Protesters Expose Society's Ills (and, Well, Everything Else)


Nude protesters have once again stolen the headline spots from other more significant news items today. In Mexico City, naked bike riders took to major streets to symbolize the lack of safety that bike users have in this day and age.


Twice in the past month, female protestors have done shown their civil unrest and the breasts, to benefit the attention of their cause. Topless women in New York gained attention for their civil rights by exposing their bare bosoms in accordance with NYC law. In Germany, shirtless women exposed themselves on Germany's Next Top Model to protest the misogyny on the show itself.

Many argue that these attempts are just as much about the desire to be naked, and normalize public nudity in the eyes of the public, as they are about whatever cause the naked people ascribe to supporting with said nakedness.

What is your take?