French Open Flare Protest Video: What Were These Homophobic Protesters Even Thinking?


Flares are a sure fire way to send a signal, whether it be an S.O.S. if you are stuck on an uncharted island, are trying to direct traffic, or just plain trying to call attention to yourself. That is what some protesters decided to use as they ran around like maniacs interfering at the French Open Men's Finals between Rafael Nadal and David Ferrer. Now, anyone would know that in order to get your voice heard, sometimes you must be bold, aggressive (within reason), and passionate about your cause. However, it would be unfair if we did not take a second to ask what in the world these protesters thought they were trying to pull off. 

 From what we understand, the protesters were present to speak out against a same-sex marriage bill that was recently passed which allows gay couples to adopt children. "France tramples on children's rights!"" read a banner, while a larger one sported the words “"Hollande Demission," a call for President Francois Hollande to resign. 

Everyone is entitled to voice their dissatisfaction with their government's policies but I am afraid I am not with the wild-appearing protesters and their absurd message in this situation. 

Does anyone else see a connection between gay people having the right to adopt children and France's supposed failure to protect its children? Because I sure do not. In addition to their nonsensical protest platform, one could not help but notice the choice of dress. Are those shirtless fools hiding behind masks playing with fire I see? I suppose they are, and I'd rather that they return home and think of a more sensible way and place to voice their incoherent opinions.