PRISM Scandal: Alex Jones is Now More Relevant Than the Mainstream Media


In light of the recent drama that has unfolded in Washington, has "conspiracy theorist" Alex Jones been vindicated? In the past, Jones and his Infowars news site have never received much credibility. While I watched his shows in disbelief for the past few years, his words about global governance and the government having an alternate agenda seem truer today than ever before.

In 2010, Alex Jones talked about the Internet being used to spy on us. This YouTube broadcast explains the PRISM program three years before whistleblower Edward Snowden came forward with the disturbing news.

In the summer of 2012, Infowars reported more on the $2 billion spy center in Utah:

On another important issue: Jones was way ahead on reporting on Monsanto. Monsanto is giant corporation that is involved in the genetically modified food production. This Washington power player has been throwing its money around the Beltway for a long time. This company, as Alex Jones points out in the next clip, has tremendous influence on Washington. Until recently this giant corporation's legal influence and dirty dealings have gone unnoticed by the press. Alex talks about Monsanto's heavy support for the Food Safety Act that was passed two years ago.

Alex and his team started reporting and questioning the drone warfare program long before Rand Paul's filibuster. The questions in this article written would have been helpful at a White House press conference or in the halls of congress. Unfortunately Alex and his staff are apparently just too crazy to be acknowledged.

This is a paragraph written from an Infowars article written in 2009:

"Witness the recent announcement that yet another Al-Qaeda Number Three Man, the fifth Number Three, has been eliminated in Pakistan by a drone attack. Eliminate is an interesting word. In military operations, it is impolitic and impolite to use words like kill and murder against enemy forces, thus we don’t kill people, but eliminate or take out Al Qaida. People don't die, they are merely deadly enemy combatants removed from the gaming field. There is no war here, no human cost, no violation of due process, violation of allied air space, just a surgical strike upon a target. In the words of Officer Barbrady, 'Move along, nothing to see here.'"

Since 2009, Obama’s drone program has killed hundreds of innocent people and four American citizens without due process. Those are just the reported numbers; who knows whether to believe them or not now?

Alex Jones has taken the alternative media and made it more relevant than mainstream media. Newspapers, local news, and national news broadcasters have failed us in exposing foul play by people that can affect our lives. Had the mainstream news media followed Alex's lead, this country would have been able to make better decisions at the ballot box. Alex has exposed the government and big business as villains fighting freedom. I hope more people start to listen to him.