Apple WWDC 2013: 4 Expectations For Apple Conference


The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is kicking off Monday in San Francisco and the world of tech is thrilled to see what's next for Apple.

Last year’s conference showcased reveals for faster notebooks with retina displays, Siri bridging the gap across products and the highly praised Mountain Lion software. Apple is known for pushing the limits to bring only the most cutting edge technology for both regular consumers and hardcore fans alike.

Here are the top four expectations Apple is rumored to bring forth within the next few days.

1. New iOS and new OS X Software, Duh!

This would be an interesting turn, given Yahoo’s recent merge with popular blogging website Tumblr. At least there remains a minimal risk of Yahoo “screwing up” this one.

2. Not Skinny Lattes, But Slimmer MacBooks

How thin can you go?

Thankfully we’re talking hardware and not actual diets. Apple’s line of computers is well known for their aesthetics that keep them minimalistic, clean and cool. According to Apple tracker Ming-Chi Kuo, the MacBook Pro Retina will be made more portable and have camera specs upgraded to “full HD.” The rumored upgrade to Haswell processors, said to run longer and help with extending battery life, would be the icing on top of cake.

3. iRadio?

Pandora and Spotify have been in the game for a while with even Google has gotten in on the action. Yet, a newer music service may be hitting the airwaves soon. Following a series of deals in relation to iRadio with Sony, Warner Music and Universal Music, the service is said to be an extension of iTunes, backed by advertisements and user preferences.

On the downside, while this would be an upgrade in Apple’s favor, it’s overall nothing new from what is already available on the market — this is essentially Apple’s way of playing catch up.

4. Probably MIA: iPhones and iPads

No new iPhone? Or iPad? We just don’t know.

On the iPad front, CNET says that it’s unlikely, yet reported another story where Gumdrop cases are already in production for the so-called iPad 5 — and the company’s track record in terms of prediction accuracy can only make one wonder. In regards to the iPhone, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is giving the iPhone 5 a run for its money in the markets. As if the drama between the two competitors couldn’t get any more complicated. Apple will certainly need to pounce back — but when and how remains a mystery.