NSA Scandal: 8 Hilarious Memes and Jokes About Scandal


While the NSA's scandal continues to dominate the news and with the leaker, Edward Snowden now publicly open with the reasons for leaking the documents, there's also humor in some of the reactions. Meme culture has some pretty humorous responses to the news.

1. There's a whole tumblr dedicated to the idea of Obama is checking your email.

2. But there's also plenty of images circulating around Twitter, such as Obama eavesdropping.

3. In reference to the famous New Yorker cartoon, we see the internet dog.

4. BuzzFeed targeted Verizon specifically with a series of re-imagined ads.

5. Other users focused on Snowden who gives Good Guy Greg some serious competition.

6. Campaign posters were also redesigned to include NSA references.


8. And we even had a TSA reference in the mix!

While the policies in question and the consequences of the government's activities are no laughing matter, once again we see internet humor moves at an incredible pace and humor remains a way to quickly make a point or introduce and share an idea rapidly.