Ben Swann: Former Local Fox News Anchor Wants to Challenge the Mainstream Media


Many Americans have been searching for unbiased news for years, myself included. We have found a few outlets here and there, RT, Alex Jones, and others. However, most Americans have panned those "news" groups as being conspiracy-laden myth factories. Only now, after scandals and laws shredding our civil liberties seem to be coming out every single day have the number of "half-awake" Americans really started to grow. One man is attempting to take his award-winning integrity and give us all an outlet. Make no mistake, Ben Swann is the real deal and his Truth in media Project is ambitious, inspiring, and most importantly, just in time.

Ben Swann has worked in the mainstream media for 14 years. When you click on his bio you will see that he has won multiple prestigious awards for his work in Texas and Cincinnati. What you won't see is any complaining about how his mainstream media bosses have attempted to silence him over the years. Ben Swann has left the mainstream media in his rear view window as of today. He has taken his YouTube sensation (he has gotten more than 10 million views in more than 140 countries) "Full Disclosure" and is attempting to make it the social media platform for unbiased news, under the title of "Ben Swann's Liberty is Rising Truth in Media Grassroots Project." That's a mouthful, so we'll just call it the the Truth in media Project, or TiM.

Ben's recent work on the IRS scandal in Cincinnati landed him a spot with Fox News' Megyn Kelly. Despite what you may think of her and her network, it shows that Ben certainly has made inroads in building his name and credibility among the major media outlets. Now, however, he plans to take on the entire media conglomerate with the support of grassroots supporters. 

According to his website, Ben's "goal is to produce 100 high quality 5 to 6 minute ... shows that can be presented to the public via streaming content sites such as Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, or devices such as Roku and We will be rolling out a highly interactive, informative website that will include all Full Disclosure episodes, a forum, Ben Swann podcasts, and a mobile app."

Also, Mr. Swann identifies three distinct concerns that he sees in today's media and voter environment:

"1. Our culture is truth deficient. The historical centers of truth have broken down.

"2. The average U.S. citizen has lost their voice to the affluent with money and power.

"3. Voters are disenfranchised from the party system. The rise of “'ndependents' has simply defined what people are not, but has struggled to bring clarity to who they are."

While all of them are screaming at me, it is No. 3 that most appeals to my inner politician. We know that some 25%-35% of Americans consider themselves to be Independent voters. But who are we really? I hope and believe that Ben Swann will help us to define where we stand as independents in this ever shrinking land of freedom and privacy.

Below is a very powerful trailer which illustrates the quality of the programming to come, as well as, giving highlights of what Ben has accomplished in a short time.