11 Foods That Will Take You Right Back to Your 90s Childhood


If you are a millennial thinking back to your elementary or middle school days in the 90s, there is a good chance your lunch box or kitchen pantry was filled with these staple snacks. Though they defined the decade, these treats are becoming more elusive in grocery aisles. Here are some snacks that define the millennial childhood.

1. Lunchables

Lunchables were the hallmark of elementary and middle school cafeterias throughout the 90s. Providing the ingredients to assemble your own pizza, sandwich, or nachos, this meal-in-a-box was a delicious (if not nutritious) lunchtime art project.

2. Gushers

Of all of the fruit-snack fads of the 90s, gushers are the most memorable. Perhaps it's their gooey interior that gives gushers the slight edge over their Fruit By the Foot rivals. 

3. Dunkaroos

I've spent time searching for dunkaroos, but today they are one of the most difficult snacks to find. Not just your ordinary graham cracker — kids in the 90s went nuts for these packaged cinnamon cookies and icing. 

4. Bubble Tape

While the flavor does not last for long, Bubble Tape was all about quantity. With six feet of gum in a single package, kids would compete to blow bubbles the size of basketballs. 

5. Wonder Ball

"What's in a Wonder Ball?" Nestlé's slogan is one of the most memorable of the decade. Kids were eager to bite into the hollow ball of chocolate to find the small Disney figurine prizes within. Unfortunately, Neslé was forced to discontinue the fun due to complaints of a choking hazard. 

6. Ellio's Pizza

There are plenty of frozen pizza brands, but none was as delicious as Ellio's. Throw a sheet into the oven and watch the perfect TV dinner cook before your eyes, but mom and dad were always jealous of the cheesy, doughy goodness. 

7. Go-Gurt

Yoplait's yogurt on the go was the perfect lunchbox snack. You could even pop a tube in the freezer and find portable frozen yogurt just hours later. 

8. Baby Bottle Pop

What's better than a lollipop? A lollipop in the shape of a baby-bottle, of course. The commercial's jingle — "it's a baby bottle pop" — transports us back to our playground days.  

9. Toaster Strudel

There was no better way to start the school day than with a gooey and flaky toaster strudel. The best part of these quick and delicious snacks — you could apply the icing yourself.

10. Capri Sun

No 90s childhood would be complete without Capri Sun fruit juice packs.  Ranging a wide variety of flavors, Capri Sun was surely a soccer practice favorite. 

11. Kraft Macaroni & Cheese

While Kraft Mac n' Cheese will never go out of style, it was without a doubt a staple of every millennial child's diet. We will never forget Kraft's best move — making Scooby-Doo shaped noodles to fill our bowls.