5 Reasons We Should Be Excited That Hillary Clinton Joined Twitter


Hillary Clinton made her twitter debut early this afternoon, and her first tweet demonstrates that the former first lady, senator, secretary of state, and possible Democratic candidate for the 2016 presidency is anything but boring. 

"Thanks for the inspiration @ASmith83 & @Sllambe — I'll take it from here... #tweetsfromhillary," were Clinton’s first words on twitter. She showed her playful sense of humor as she tweeted at Stacy Lambe and Adam Smith, creators of the tumblr blog "Texts From Hillary Clinton." And even adapted the name to fit her new hash-tag.

Here are the top five reasons to get excited about @HillaryClinton:

1. Family Matters:

Who would have thought that the former president, first lady, and their children would be communicating over Twitter for the world to see? Well, we certainly aren't complaining.

2. The Inner Circle:

One of the most powerful women in America, Hillary Clinton, will certainly be interacting with her powerful friends — and we can't wait to follow along for the gossip!

3. An Insecure Side:

Despite the fact that the former Secretary of State comes off as one of the toughest women in politics, her twitter account may give us a look into her soft side. While speaking with Stephen Colbert on The Colbert Report, "what if you tweet and nobody tweets back?", Clinton asked Colbert. "There's nothing worse than a friendless tweeter."

4. More Ass-Kicking:

We'll get to read more fierce Hillary quotes like these, but now in 160 characters or less:

"In my White House, we will know who wears the pantsuits." — On The Late Show with David Letterman

5. Never Boring:

We have a new platform from which we can look into the fabulous life of Hillary Rodham Clinton ... and maybe even learn some new dance moves like these.