Mitt Romney is the Lebron James of the GOP Primaries, Newt Gingrich is like Chris Bosh


With the Michigan and Arizona polls now closed, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum supporters sit and wait (perhaps at the local Ihop for free pancakes) to see who will emerge as the winner of these two tight primaries. However, one candidate has decided to take a head start for next week’s southern Super Tuesday. Skipping out on the heat of this week’s primaries, Gingrich has already begun planning on how to win Georgia, Oklahoma, and Tennessee on March 6. Will this help put him in the lead? No, he’s the Chris Bosh of the GOP.

Since the beginning of the primaries, Romney and Santorum have battled it out like the Miami Heat’s LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. Both represent the same team, but when it comes to field goals, each game is always a clear competition between the two. The two can act like team players, but in the end, there’s only one MVP.

Similarly, Romney and Santorum play for the GOP, but as each week of primaries ends, it becomes prominent to both that there can only be one winner.

For NBA fans, watching James and Wade dunk can get boring, no matter how they try to spice it up. A dunk is just two points, but they go a long way, as seen this past weekend at the All Star game in Orlando. James’ final quarter slam dunks and rather lucky three-pointers put him in contention for MVP roughly 10 minutes before the game ended.

That’s how Romney and Santorum play; they give the voters something to think about until the very moment they hit the booths.

Unlike James and Wade, the Heat’s Bosh skips the fancy plays instead offering consistency. Drafted the same year as the other two, he offers the team a decent amount of points, but it’s never enough to garner him the same amount of attention.

Gingrich generally never comes in last place in this year’s primaries, but as the races get tighter, he might get kicked out of the running once and for all. Consistent performance is valuable, but many times goes unacknowledged. This week is his time to throw some dunks like King James, especially if he wants to stay in the spotlight that’s already zoning in on Romney and Santorum.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore