What to Do With a Creep's Unsolicited Dick Pic? Send It to His Mom


Online dating can be supremely annoying. The founders of a new date site called Let's Date were hoping to take the creepiness out of online dating by creating a "safe-for-work environment" paltform to help people connect via matches that are made with the information that users post on Facebook. That's why when the female user below (in purple) received a full-on dick pic from a complete stranger, she was predictably pissed. After the picture was sent, this is what their exchange looked like. 

First, the female user explains why receiving a naked picture of him exposing himself to her is offensive.

When he shows no sign of regret for his actions, she tells him to stop messaging her ... and corrects his grammar at the same time. #AlwaysAwesome

When he continues to harass her, she lets him know that she's taking screen captions of their conversation.

When she realizes that he's made all his information available on Facebook, she decides to give the offender a taste of his own medicine. She tells him that she's going to send the picture to his mom so she's aware of the way he treats women.

In case you're wondering, she did in fact send the picture to the user's mom. On her Tumblr, she proudly claims:

"Attention a**holes: don’t sexually harass a girl when she can easily find you on Facebook and send your mom proof of your perpetuation of rape culture. Moral of the day? Don’t mess with me." 

When asked if she actually sent the picture, she responded "Oh, I sent it. And I expressed to her my extreme worry over his treatment of women. Feels good, bro."

Since women are often incredibly powerless when it comes to online sexual harassment (and offline for that matter), could this legendary story scare off future offenders?  Or at least make them think twice before they expose themselves to unknowing women on the Internet?

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