7 Hilarious Memes About PRISM


As if the Obama administration's string of second-term debacles couldn't get any worse, PRISM, the government surveillance program that may be watching Americans' behavior through Apple, Yahoo, Facebook, Verizon, and other web and communication giants, is making the people scrutinize the power of their Federal Government. 

For a comedic lens focused on this issue, look no further than the internets favorite joke medium: the meme!

1. You've got your basic logo riff on Verizon ...

Communication institutions were quick to deny involvement, but nobody can deny the power of a simple sardonic twist on a corporate image. AMIRIGHT, Banksy?

2. ... And the play on the words of purchasing packages

Clearly Verizon is rightfully displeased with the way this story is unfolding.

3. Facebook also got the photoshop jokester treatment

As if you didn't already feel a quick gust of paranoia every time you decided who to share with on Facebook. I know I already did.

4. Then Philosoraptor had an observation

The internet's favorite meme characters all started chiming in, like Philosoraptor. This is more than appropriate. The wise dinosaur has been pointing out acute contradictions since the Cretaceous period of the internet.

5. Overly Attached Girlfriend

The overbearing, wide-eyed clinger of internet infamy seems right at home in what appears to be an NSA facility.

6. Conspiracy Keanu

Far Out, Keanu!

7. However, Obama was the butt of most jokes

Oh, Mr. President. We Dems thought you were incapable of scandal, until we didn't. For ongoing visual gags at the president's expense, check out this brilliant Tumblr