George Zimmerman Trial: 10 Questions Every Juror Should Be Asked


When the news of the Trayvon Martin tragedy surfaced, many Americans, some with uncertainty, marched, memorialized, and prayed for Martin and justice in favor of the slain teenager. On Monday, the process of justice began and the updates are rolling in. But could the portrayal of the events that led to the death of Trayvon Martin have a negative effect on the process? This is where the jury comes into play.

There are several considerations that influence the jury selection. George Zimmerman's father is a retired Virginia magistrate. Martin is a young black teenager and unfortunately, new evidence supports the stereotype, which won't be allowed in court. Still, the racial undercurrents that swept news outlets to carry on sensationalized hatred overwhelmingly against Zimmerman could be a huge factor in the jury selection.

If we want a successful trial and finally, justice, then the jury has to be balanced. Here's an attempt to give a well-adjusted approach to selecting the best jurors to put this tragedy to rest.

1. Neighborhood Watch

Have you taken any extra precautions to protect yourself, your family, or your home from crime?

2. Gun Possession

Have you or any family member owned a gun?

3. Gun Violence

Have you, or any family member or close friend, ever been the victim of gun violence (whether or not reported to the police)?

4. Gun Control

Have you, or any family member, been a member of any group that lobbies or takes public positions on gun control issues?

5. Media Bias

What television news networks do you watch regularly?

6. Adult vs. Teenager

Would you give greater or lesser weight to the testimony of an adult merely because of his or her status as an adult?

7. Racial Discrimination (Incrimination)

In your opinion, what are some examples of how a person could discriminate against another person on the basis of race?

8. Media Coverage

Have you read, seen or heard any negative publicity about George Zimmerman?

9. Personal Opinion

Have you formed or expressed an opinion about the guilt or innocence of George Zimmerman, any person or events connected with this case?

10. Robert Zimmerman (Father)

Do you think that people of wealth or high profile are treated differently in the justice system?