Ron Paul and Rand Paul Can Help Mitt Romney Defeat Barack Obama in 2012


Rick Santorum claims that Mitt Romney and Ron Paul are joining forces to defeat him. He insists that the collusion is based on a promise to make Paul the vice presidential candidate. Two other theories exist.

During a Tea Party rally, Rick Santorum stated that Mitt Romney and Ron Paul are working together to stop his presidential bid. He provided evidence that Romney and Paul have not attacked each other in 20 debates but have attacked him. He went on to state that the collusion indicated that Romney had already chosen a vice presidential candidate. If Santorum’s allegations are correct, Ron Paul will be on the Republican ticket.

Another theory is that Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), Ron Paul’s son, will be the vice presidential nominee and that Dad is working on behalf of his son as well as Romney. When asked about this scenario, Ron Paul responded that “it hasn’t crossed my mind” even though it may have for his son. Rand Paul has stated that it would be an honor to be Romney’s running mate.

A third theory, being proposed today, is that both Pauls will be involved in a Romney presidency. First, Rand Paul will be the vice presidential nominee delivering needed Tea Party support to Romney. Second, Ron Paul will be given a post as “Government Reform Czar” for the Romney administration. Ron Paul would provide Libertarian support for the election of Romney.

Since there is a difference between the Tea Party and Libertarians, having both Pauls in prominent positions would help Romney. While Romney is being portrayed as a moderate, Rand Paul would add a conservative “smaller government” profile to the platform. Ron Paul, on the other hand, would benefit Romney by proposing “less intrusive” government initiatives for consideration. Ron Paul could analyze government overlap as well as redundancies but his position would still allow Romney to reject or reduce proposed initiatives.

Recent Rasmussen Poll data indicates that Romney and Obama are tied in a presidential match up. The recent Romney victories indicate that Romney is the front-runner for the Republican nomination. Whether there is an alliance with Ron Paul or not, Romney will benefit by bringing Ron and Rand Paul into the Republican fight to win the presidency.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons