Xbox 1 At E3 Video: Microsoft Demos How to Be a Sexist Gamer


"I can't even block correctly and you're too fast," she says.

He replies, "Just let it happen. It will be over soon."

The audience laughs

"Wow, you like this," the man continues.

"No, I don't like this," she replies.

One of the producers of Killer Instinct, a man, got on stage with an Xbox Community Manager, a woman, and proceeded to play in front of the crowd. While the remarks were not scripted — the fact that they happened on a stage representing the company in an industry already known for misogyny is deeply illustrative of the attitudes. 

Sadly for Microsoft the sexist language is far from their biggest problem at E3 with their own console failing to make waves in the same way that rival Sony did with their new PS4, which by allowing users to use old games and delivering a price point of $399 is $100 cheaper than the Xbox One.

Even that news managed to find a way to be expressed with rapey language on twitter...

Even just noting that there were no female protagonists in any Microsoft demo received sexist backlash.

Clearly it's not Microsoft's day, and they've got a lot to respond to — but if they want to take a page out of Nintendo's old playbook and get sales number boosted by women gamers, they're going in the wrong direction. One man on twitter summarized it well: