Gay Pride 2013: Is Bradley Manning Too Controversial For Event?


If you believe SF Pride, the community forum on May 31 had the final discussion regarding the Bradley Manning controversy. And now that they've released a statement we can move on. The statement says;

Over the past several weeks, SF Pride has sought to respectfully listen to and consider the various opinions and perspectives on the matter of Pfc. Bradley Manning and related interests in extending representative support for Pfc. Manning. The SF Pride Board of Directors recognizes the divergent opinions regarding the matter of Pfc. Manning, but none of the three main options we received from the community forum on May 31 garnered a consensus majority.

They went on to address the discrimination claim filed in San Francisco, and then wrapped up their statement saying, "therefore, SF Pride will continue to produce this year's Pride Celebration to ensure a safe and joyful time for all attendees as safety and security is our number #1 priority."

But if you believe that, you might have believed them when they said, "the discussion of that matter is closed for this year" on Facebook last month.

However, they'll have another protest on their hands Tuesday due to the method in which this release was made. After promising to release a statement within a week of the community meeting, activists prepared to hold a press conference at the end of the business day the Friday responding to the anticipated statement. Only to have SF Pride delay the announcement I quote above, until after the press conference ended. The activist's press conference ended at 6:15p.m. The statement from SF Pride was issued at 6:28pm

As relayed from an email alert from Joey Cain, the past SF Pride Board president who nominated Manning, a group of Manning supporters under the slogan, "Reinstate or Resign" will be organizing a protest and speak out outside Pride's monthly membership meeting tomorrow, Tuesday June 11 at 6pm.

SF Pride needs to realize that declaring a controversy over doesn't actually end a controversy. They may be hoping that activists get busier as Pride Month continues, and that they tire of protesting this issue. However with the NSA leaks in the news, the value of and consequences of being a whistle blower is being debated again and many Manning supporters have been energized by this debate. It should be interesting to see how this continues to unfold. But over a month into the controversy both sides seem to continue to not be heard by the other.