Hillary Clinton Twitter: Warren Buffett Hints At Her 2016 Presidential Run


Now that Hillary Clinton has joined Twitter and her supporters have done their celebratory happy dance, the Washington Post has also joined in by publishing a 26 paragraph article solely dedicated to her arrival into the Twitter world. What is now even greater than Hillary joining Twitter, though, is that she has received a hearty welcome and endorsement from Warren Buffett.


The noteworthiness is further compounded by the fact that his tweet to Hillary was one out of the three he has ever posted on Twitter, which paired with his decision to call Clinton "one of [his] favorite women in the world" is tremendous. However, the reason why we are most interested in this tweet is the hash-tagged number 45 that he appended to the end of his message, which likely is Buffett's endorsement of Hillary Clinton's bid to become the 45th president of the United States. 

Furthermore, it is curious that Clinton ends her Twitter bio with "TBD..." Is Buffett's tweet foreshadowing the title that Hillary will take on in 2106 and replace her "TBD" with? For the U.S.'s most well known "hair icon, pantsuit aficionado, glass ceiling cracker," Buffett's tweet could possibly be seen as a game changer.