Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" Gets Remixed For Every Decade


Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” is now even more than a Spotify record setting song, instant party anthem, and heir apparent to this year’s song of the summer. Thanks to a new YouTube video it is now a lynch pin of pop music that spans 100 years. A musician’s cover of the Pharell, Nile Rodgers, and Daft Punk collaboration has remixed “Get Lucky” for every decade of music since the 1920’s. It is called "Evolution of Get Lucky" and it is going viral.

YouTube’s PV Nova describes himself as a “Musicien, Comedien, Blogeur, et Ninja.” Perhaps this could be loosely translated as “musical ninja,” given his deft chopping of his fellow Frenchmen’s hit song. If anything could prove a song’s timelessness, surely re-imagining it 10 times, mocked up for zeitgeisted audience surely will.


With every movement of the song, from verse to bridge, from chorus to hook, is a seamless transition from one decade's musical genre and stylings to the next. PV Nova makes fictional facsimile of the intro, filtering a croon as if it were emitted from a gramophone in the roaring '20’s. The second part of the verse is what appears to be a jazzy take; a tenor sax whies out a phrase or two. The song picks up speed with a '40’s swing interpretation, and then a rockabilly/blues sounds to wrap the '50's together neatly in eight bars. Elvis and Chuck Berry shake a leg from their resting places. Suddenly, a surf rock instrumental morphs to a moody 60’s acid rock spin.

The '70’s and '80’s, which really are the eras of inspiration for the original, make boiler plate disco and then new wave synth pop out of the second verse. The '90's "Get Lucky" is like a mash-up between Aqua’s “Barbie girl” and Jock Jams. And then, there is the obligatory dubstep interpretation, and finally, PV Nova caps it off with a vision of the future. Wherever the Robots are, they should be proud, because people have been up all night to get lucky since Ancient Sumer, and this cover is proof that every generation could put the tune to good use.