Why Young Conservatives Are Drawn To Libertarian Politics

Note: The following article is a feature in PolicyMic's new 20-Something Series, in which we highlight topics with particular relevance to young people.

I can't help but feel confused by an organization like the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC). On the one hand, Dick Cheney received roaring applause and a standing ovation and former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was awarded the "Constitution Award."

And she's right. The biggest thing I took away from watching the events at CPAC from the web here in San Francisco was how young people "crashed" CPAC and made their presence felt.

And it appeared that the overwhelming majority of youth were sympathetic not to the modern, war-mongering, torture-supporting, nationalist conservatism of the Republican Party, but to a classical (but still just as relevant and applicable) conservatism.

As Ronald Reagan said, libertarianism is at the heart and soul of conservatism. It's time the Right re-discovers its roots and abandons its nationalistic and big government impulses.

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