Father's Day 2013: This is the Absolute Best Father's Day Gift


Who ever thought a cure to cancer could be so tasty? One in six American men are diagnosed with prostate cancer and one in 36 die from the disease. A recent study reveals that a few fatty yet healthy foods reduce the spread of prostate cancer in already-diagnosed patients. 

Every four years since 1986, researchers asked the study's participants how often they ate about 130 different foods. And they discovered that foods high in vegetable fats — fats most often found in nuts and seeds — were preserving participants' lives.

Here are the some findings:

— Men who recorded the highest proportions of vegetable fat consumption were 1/3rds more likely to survive the study than those we ate the same amount of animal fat.

— These same men were at a lower risk of developing lethal cancer.

— Consumption of animal fat increased participants' risk of death sometimes by 20-30%.

So eat up and get better. For some, it may be that easy.

1. Avocados

Pass the guac! The vegetable fats in avocados give Dad just another incentive to put on his favorite jersey and spend his Sunday evening yelling at the tube.

2. Olives/Olive Oil

The Mediterranean diet has made olive oil trendy, but it's healthy too. And for more reasons than just prostate health. The fat in olives protects your heart and blood cholesterol levels.

3. Peanut Butter

A nice sandwich could do Dad some good. But watch out for the peanut butters with trans fats. Go for a more natural brand. If you can see the oil separate in the jar, you've got the right one.

4. Pistachios ... and Other All Other Nuts

Pistachios are tasty, but its really nuts in general that are saving Dad's life. Get him anything with the Planter's logo on it, and Dad'll love you for always.

5. And Pecan Pie!

The pecans are the health part, but pie is just tasty.