New Music Seminar 2013: Pearl and the Beard Deserve More Love


Summer in New York City boils down to one thing: music. There’s no better time of year to see a show, hear some new bands, and let the stress of your life melt away between the notes.  Earlier this week, The Drums headlined at Webster Hall for the New Music Seminar, and while their music is good (and opening act Avan Lava was super fun), I was there to show the opening band Pearl and the Beard a little love.

The Brooklyn-based folk-pop trio features a guitar, a cello, a guitar, a couple of snare drums and a glockenspiel.  But what makes these guys stand out is their vocal prowess. Think Ingrid Michaelson's quirk meets Florence and the Machine's belt with pitch perfect harmony. Indie vocals can usually be characterized as ethereal and atmospheric, engaging the intellect rather than soothing the ears. Sometimes when I’m listening to an indie playlist or radio station I have trouble distinguishing bands from each other because of the whispery, otherworldly vocalization.  Not so with these guys. No joke — I went out and bought concert tickets after listening to the track "Voice in My Throat" from their 2009 album God Bless Your Weary Soul, Amanda Richardson (you can listen to it here).

Need more convincing? Check out this video to their single “Prodigal Daughter.” If it doesn’t melt your heart, then I suggest you buy a ticket to Emerald City.

Pearl and the Beard - Prodigal Daughter from Family Records on Vimeo.

Missed the show? No biggie. Below are links to all the bands who played last night and their epic music. Be sure to check them all out.

Hess is More Trio

Avan Lava

Pearl and the Beard

The Drums