Edward Snowden Interview: Home Depot Co-Founder Says He'd "Throw a Party For Him"


In an interview on Fox News, the co-founder of the retail chain Home Depot, Ken Langone, announced that he would like to throw a party for NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden. Which I was planning to do myself, but obviously Langone has the financial resources to throw a more awesome party than me, so I will let him do it. Asked what he would do about Snowden's leaks, Langone responded:

"I'd throw a party for him. I'd congratulate him. I'd say thank you for helping protect America's privacy rights. That’s what I’d do for him. I think this young man showed a lot of courage and a lot of guts and grit. And I think we ought to be grateful that we have kids like that in America, who understand the meaning of freedom, and privacy, and liberty."

Video credit: Fox News

I wholeheartedly agree with Langone, and many others do too, that we should be grateful to Snowden for having the courage to speak out, instead of simplying labelling him a traitor and a narcissist.

Given that Snowden has just revealed that he wants to stay in Hong Kong until he is asked to leave and fight any possible charges against him, the party would have to take place in Hong Kong if the guest of honor were to attend.

I am for one am not opposed to Langone flying everyone to Hong Kong for a party to celebrate Snowden. Perhaps someone should start a petition for Langone to put his money where his mouth is.