Have OWS, Auto Bailouts, Goldman Sachs, and Solyndra Shown Capitalism is Unjust?

ByAudrey Spalding

Capitalism has been getting a bad reputation lately. The Occupy Wall Street movement showed that many people are upset with the outsize benefits and preferential treatment corporations have received. The auto bailouts, the enormous amount of cash handed over to Goldman Sachs, the $500 million that seemed to evaporate at Solyndra … the list can go on.

I’m part of a group of millenials who believe that the concept of capitalism has been dragged through the mud by government officials who give out large subsidies and by corporations who spend time lobbying for those subsidies instead of doing something productive. And we’re on a mission: We think capitalism should be free, fair, and a force for good. In one word, just.

Is capitalism just today? If not, can it be?

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Dorian says that capitalism is too often confused with cronyism. Is she wrong? Right? Do you have a different take?

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Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons