Obama PRISM: Watch Senator Obama School President Obama


Has there ever been a time when you have had to go head to head against someone who, either out of sincerity or spite, wanted to argue against every idea you believed in or  every word you said? When such debates occur, they usually happen between two people ... that is, unless you are President Obama.

Now, no one can deny that there is nothing wrong with changing your mind and one's opinion inevitably evolves as time progresses. However, when one is a political figure and changes his or her mind to reflect or defend the government's misconduct, that political figure will rightfully be subject to criticism.

Senator Obama appeared to be a fine presidential candidate that believed in the separation of powers and our constitution as he explained that they "work" and adding that "... the law is not subject to the whim of stubborn rulers...". "This administration acts like violating civil liberties is the way to enhance our security. It is not," Senator Obama added.

At that point, his audience must have been nodding their heads in approval. But wait! Why the sudden change in tune after he became President? In other parts of the mashup that show President Obama making statements defending the actions of the NSA, he goes on to essentially contradict everything that pre-presidential Barack stood for. Senator Obama claimed that he would provide law enforcement with the necessary tools to track terrorists "without undermining our Constitution," which would have been brilliant in practice but evidently, he did not follow through in providing those tools, hence the NSA debacle.

The contradictions are so blatant that you would think there were two Barack Obamas. One Obama would be the original who we hope would be the pre-presidential Obama. The other would represent his evil clone who argues that the government can "protect" us if we just could keep our mouths shut and not complain about how they went about "protecting" us, even if it meant giving up some of our civil liberties. If only Senator Obama's (our hypothetical "original" Obama) views were a reflection of that of President Obama.

What stood out most for me in this video though was that at one point, Obama said that "We're going to have to make some choices as a society." Yes, we must make some choices, but we should under no circumstances be forced to make a choice between our protection and our rights.

Instead, we must make a choice to take a stand against the NSA's unlawful actions because if people in our government struggle or refuse to defend our liberties, who then will preserve them?