Why is Politico Wasting Time Covering the NRSC and DSCC's Twitter War?


We have numerous scandals engulfing the Obama administration, but Politico decided to write a 1,798 word piece about the Twitter exchanges the NRSC's Communications Director Brad Dayspring has with DSCC National Press Secretary Justin Barasky. The article, posted by James Hohmann on June 10, also detailed Dayspring's exchanges with DSCC Deputy Executive Director Matt Canter. Hohmann wrote that the NRSC and DSCC social media melees were part of the larger fight for the U.S. Senate in 2014.  Without a doubt, this was a humorous piece.

Republican Brad Dayspring suggests Democrat Justin Barasky is mentally ill and offers to send over "a big bottle" of anti-depressants. Barasky's boss, Matt Canter, likens Dayspring to a rabid dog. Dayspring calls Barasky a "stalker." Barasky called him the same thing a day later.

Barasky responded with a link to a story about Dayspring's departure from Cantor's office.

"I'll make it a big bottle," Dayspring shot back.

A day earlier, DSCC deputy executive director Canter celebrated the news that Rep. Cory Gardner (R-Colo.) would not run for Senate. He joked that "Smoky the bear" might be the only candidate Republicans wanted more.

"You spelled 'smokey' wrong," Dayspring tweeted.

Hohmann also details how Dayspring mocked Barasky's tweet about him shoe shopping, but also noted that both sides view social media as a critical element for grassroots mobilization, outreach, and a source of information about the current state of the races. It's also a useful tool in disseminating, discrediting, or spinning a message being that's peddled by either side. Regardless, while this piece was entertaining, it's odd that Politico would devote this much time to something that really shouldn't be surprising.

Both sides are vying for victory next year, and are staffed by the most passionate members on either end of the political spectrum. Politically, they hate each other's guts, which is just as shocking as hearing about NSA leaker Ed Snowden's termination from his employer Booz Allen Hamilton. Yes, I'm being sarcastic.

In the fight for the U.S. Senate, one would think that the lack of heavyweight Democratic candidates in states, like Kentucky and Texas, would be the focus of a story about the elections next year, which is an embarrassing development made worse by the fact that Democratic hopes of picking up Georgia are now dashed with Rep. John Barrow's decision not to run. However, let's focus on the Twitter wars because that's easier to write about than how much liberals are in the suck for 2014.