Father's Day 2013: 6 Places Around the World With Unique Father's Day Traditions


Father's Day in the U.S is usually characterized by quality time spent with dad, some cards and gifts and maybe a barbecue under the June sun. Most countries around the world have adopted a day to celebrate fathers, and many involve unique traditions. From annual activities to crafts and special foods, here are some of the unique ways that diverse countries celebrate fathers. 

1. Thailand

In Thailand, Father's Day actually celebrates the birthday of the King. They offer their fathers a canna flower, which is considered a masculine plant. It is also a colorful tradition, as Thai people dress in the color of the king. They once dawned yellow, though they have adopted the color pink to honor the King's majesty. 

2. Canada

Father's Day in Canada is not limited to celebrating one's biological parent. Canadians wish happy Father's Day to any male figure who is loving, affectionate, or influential to like a father. 

3. Germany

Germans celebrate Father's Day in the great outdoors. Also called Vatertag or Männertag meaning "Man's Day," the day begins when men take a hike carrying with them wagons full of food and alcohol. Later, the men celebrate by passing the day in beer gardens. 

4. Mexico

Mexico gets the prize for celebrating dad in the most active way. On Father's Day in the Mexican city of Bosque de Tlalpan, a huge, city-wide 21-kilometer race takes place. Many fathers and their family members participate in the event. 

5. Japan

In Japan, children get crafty, making homemade beer glasses and personalized champagne and beer bottles for dad. Father's Day is also the time to give dad a little something sweet, presenting fathers with boxes of Japanese treats and candies. 

6. Brazil

Originally, Brazilians celebrated Father's Day on the day of St. Joachim, the patron saint of fathers. It is a day to fill the stomach. Brazilians hold huge feasts and all-you-can-eat barbecues boasting skewers of roasted beef, pork, chicken, and sausage, in order to celebrate dad.