Mustafa Barghouti Q&A: Can Nonviolence Solve the Israel-Palestine Conflict?


On Monday, March 5, Students for Palestinian Equal Rights is proud to present world-renowned medical doctor, Stanford Business School graduate, and former Palestinian presidential candidate Dr. Mustafa Barghouti (MBA, '95), who will be discussing discussing the need for non-violence in the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Barghouti co-founded and currently serves as General Secretary of the Palestinian National Initiative, a democratic party that provides an alternative to Fatah and Hamas. In health care, he co-founded the Union of Palestinian Medical Relief Committees, an NGO that grew to serve one-third of the Palestinian population, focusing on those who lack adequate access to health care. He currently serves as President of the Union.

In 2005, he ran for president of the Palestinian National Authority, finishing in second place with 19% of the vote. He was nominated for the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize by Mairead Maguire.

Here's a video of Barghouti on The Daily Show discussing how they hope to find peace in Israel and Palestine through non-violence:

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

On Monday, Barghouti is scheduled to address the Stanford student body on the need for nonviolence in Israel-Palestine. Following his talk, Barghouti will answer questions on whether nonviolence can work to solve the decades-old Israel-Palestine conflict.

PolicyMic is partnering with Students for Palestinian Equal Rights to give you the opportunity to meet Barghouti and ask him a question at Monday's event.

Here's how it works: Ask your best question for Barghouti below. Mic the questions you would like to see asked. The most mic'd participant will be selected to personally meet Barghouti and have the opportunity to ask the first question live on Monday. The second and third-place finishers will get to ask the second and third questions in the Q&A session.

Feel free to respond to each other's questions and have a debate below.