Battlefield 4 and New Donkey Kong


I have been watching two demos since the last update: Battlefield 4's multiplayer livestream, and Gamespot's Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze demo.

Battlefield 4 looks like Battlefield. If you liked Battlefield 3, or Bad Company, you'll like Battlefield 4. A couple new updates have come into play: dynamic maps (the one demonstrated featured a collapsing building), updated ammo and med packs for support characters, and commander mode. Still, it is clearly the same game.

Donkey Kong left a similar impression. It is much prettier than the SNES classics, but seems to have very similar gameplay. It is still the same series. And with Nintendo's flagships, that isn't a bad thing. Still, it will take more than just new paint jobs on old franchises to sell people Wii Us. Nintendo hasn't released nearly enough new content to move their newest console.