True Blood Season 6 Predictions: Who Will Die?


Around the middle of last season on True Blood I had a falling out with a friend who happened to enjoy True Blood just as much as I do. Having both been dedicated fans since Season 1, we would have really intense, almost academic discussions on Monday mornings about the previous night’s episode. We bonded over our mutual distaste for Bill and Sookie’s relationship, and our agreement that Lafayette, Pam and Jessica were the show’s best characters. We became each other’s sounding board for our own True Blood theories and storyline predictions. 

Alas, I might not miss our friendship, but man do I miss our True Blood recaps.

And so, True Blood fans on PolicyMic, I couldn’t be happier to have found such a wise, opinionated group of people to take his place. Because 6 million minds is better than one, I’m sure we’ll have lots more to talk about. I’ll be recapping every upcoming episode of True Blood season 6 and can’t wait to get the conversation going, connecting with my fellow Eric admirers or defending my appreciation of Tara (although I think she’s finally starting to gain favor among other True Blood fans also).

To get us ready for the season here are my predictions for True Blood Season 6:

Supes will unite in the battle against humans.

If grumblings from the wolf pack in the trailer are any indication, the rest of Bon Temps’ supernaturals won’t be waiting around for humans to direct their aggression (or fear?) on them once they’ve finished battling the vampires. The Authority’s larger role in recent seasons has forced us all to rethink if vampires ever could truly co-exist peacefully with humans. Mainstreaming was idealistic. But a supernatural-human civil war sounds more realistic (and more entertaining). And because we all tune into True Blood for the real factor, I wouldn’t be surprised to find the vampires with some unlikely supernatural allies this season. 

Pam will not survive the entire season.

Trust me, this is not wishful thinking. I heart Pam. But True Blood’s new showrunner Brian Buckner dished in Rolling Stone that one of the principal characters would not make it all the way through the season. Fans are already speculating the demise of Eric given the likeness of the screaming vampire in this promo poster. Partly because I refuse to believe Eric will be killed off, and partly because I think that’s too obvious a play, I see Eric sticking around for the long haul. Pam, on the other hand, may not last, for one simple reason — every time Tara’s life starts to make sense, she gets the rug seriously pulled out from under her. I wouldn’t be surprised if Pam gets taken away from Tara, just when she thinks she’s found something real (and permanent) in Pam. 

Bill will be a key player in the Warlow/Sookie drama.

If the arc of the Warlow storyline centers around those underwhelming fairies I will be highly disappointed. Wouldn’t it be more fun if Bill not only knew Warlow and knew of his history with Sookie’s family, but had somehow been in cahoots with Warlow from the beginning? What else can explain Bill’s drastic flip from mainstreaming’s poster boy to the dreaded “Billith”? In last season’s finale, Bill even alludes that his entire time with Sookie might have been an act. This may be a bit drastic, but it does up the drama factor between Sookie and Bill.

The past few seasons have been a roller coaster of emotions, likes and dislikes, but I must admit, I’m pretty excited for this number 6. You should be too, here are a few reasons why:

Because any season will be better than Season 2’s horrid maenad-induced orgy session. Because we’re sure to be introduced to yet another kind of supe this year (let’s see if the writers can be a bit more creative than the werepanther). Because every episode of True Blood is the “Red Wedding.”

Add your own predictions in the comments below, and check out the first recap of the season here.