Tim Hawkins Political Parody 'Candy Man' Can Light Up Anybody's Day


Deficit reduction, taxes, entitlements are partisan issues have Congress hopelessly gridlocked. 

Humor, however, has a way of crossing party lines, regardless of what side of the aisle it’s directed towards. We can all use a good laugh.

Comedian Tim Hawkins’ parody of the" Candy Man" song provides us a comedic look at the issues from the “right” side of the spectrum. Those who agree with the premise of the video will laugh because it’s funny and true. Those on the “left” side of things will laugh because it’s not true but funny anyway.  

Government collects taxes. A good portion goes to entitlements or as Tim Hawkins sings, “to some other guy.” There are those who say government should spend more on education, climate change, energy. They’re in here. Mortgage relief and bailouts ... here too. How about looking for more things to tax to pay for all their solutions. We each have our own feelings about these issues. Tim Hawkins makes us laugh at what may or may not be the truth. Are we throwing away the Constitution? Whether or not you think so, have a good laugh.

Yes, Tim Hawkins is coming from the “right” side, but let’s all have a laugh.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons